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Start a Lounge

The Study Lounge is a great way to serve and connect with the community. At the heart of the Study Lounge unashamedly is a commitment to love and serve the community, in a way that reflects magnificently on Jesus.

And it’s been working out great!

Students regularly provide positive feedback to our teams (see theĀ testimonials). Study Lounge teams also regularly appear in local & regional press. Our teams have been interviewed by papers such as the Inner West Courier, Penrith Press and the Leader.

Thinking of starting a lounge?

Lounge Co. (Co = Collaboration and Community) is a network of Study Lounge ministry leaders. Lounge Co’s purpose and passion is to get along side and serve leaders. We love partnering with local churches that love their communities. When exploring potential partnerships, we look for doctrinal and philosophical alignment.

If this all resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you. Why not contact the team to find out more?

-Lounge Co.