The Team

In 2009, a bunch of uni students and young workers began asking how they could serve and care for students in the community. With ideas buzzing in their heads, they brainstormed what eventually became the first HSC Study Lounge … and it was a blast!

The Study Lounge is now in it’s 8th year, having been run by various churches across Sydney.

Click here for a funky clip of what we believe. Or here, if you like diagrams.

– Study Lounge team

We’re a bunch of university students and young workers, volunteering our time to serve young people through Study Lounge.

We’re done different degrees, attend different churches and come from all over Sydney – but what we have in common is that we are Christian, meaning we believe and live out what the bible says about Jesus.

And we love young people! We can’t wait to help you guys through one of the toughest parts of life (well for now), by sharing our knowledge, know-how, textbooks, past papers and time.

We also know that libraries and bedrooms can be ugly places to study, so our church halls are all yours!

The lounge is staffed by students studying at tertiary institutions (akka Unis & TAFEs). Some of us already tutor or hold teaching degrees.

All our team members have undergone child protection screening, so you can expect a safe, friendly and professional environment.

Here are some of the faces of our team:

The Team